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National weather service expects snow this weekend - and for Christmas

Niq Scott

Mid and Northern Michigan should expect the first heavy snow over the weekend.

Meteorologists say northern lower Michigan can expect several inches across the region.

Dan Cornish is with the National Weather Service in Gaylord. He said the region can expect a wetter winter compared with last year.

“More times than not that translates to more snowfall for the given winter,” he said. “It’s looking like we’ll have a wetter winter and that will increase our chances of seeing a white Christmas.”

Cornish said it’s unlikely that northern Michigan wouldn’t see a white Christmas.

“For example, Sault Sainte Marie has a 91% chance based on the data we have,” he said. “Gaylord very close to 90, 87%. And then even areas like Houghton Lake are approaching 80% of their Christmases are white.”

Cornish said it’s likely northern Michigan will see a white Christmas - the only question is whether this weekend’s snowfall will stick.