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Michigan health officials surveying recovered COVID patients to inform pandemic response

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COVID testing in Marquette

Michigan researchers and the state health department are working together to survey residents recovering from COVID-19.

Experts say the hope is to learn how best to manage future infections.

Nancy Fleischer is a professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan. She said the goal is to understand how the state can improve its response to the pandemic.

“We’re hoping to learn about people’s experiences so we can help inform community responses and policy responses to COVID-19.”

Fleischer said they are asking recovered residents a variety of questions.

“So for their illness, we’re trying to understand if there were any challenges in getting testing or treatment. We’re also interested if people were working prior to diagnosis and what kind of situation they were working in and if they were able to take sick leave from their jobs.”

Fleischer said the project won’t speak to all of the roughly 55-thousand state residents currently recovered from the virus.

She said interviews are currently being conducted and data analysis of the results is expected to start in the next few months.