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Prototype mobile ICU pods could help with emergency room shortages

Sharmay Wood

Lake Superior State University’s nursing department collaborated with the Army Corps of Engineers this week to run trials on pods that could be used at hospitals that need additional ICU beds.

The Acute Container Care Pods have electrical outlets, washing stations, and data stations.

Carrie Perez worked on the simulation to determine whether the prototype pods could be used in real life applications.

“Basically they are intended for acute care use. Rapidly deploying these units in areas where there may not be enough space in a hospital to appropriately care for patients.”

Perez said the units are intended for COVID-19 response but could be used for any situation where a mobile ICU unit is required.

“We conducted a simulation in one of the pods so we could provide the necessary input to the US Army Corps of engineers.”

She said the Army Corps of Engineers will ultimately determine whether to move forward manufacturing more of the pods.