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UP communities ask travelers to take extra precautions before

curated by Gary Bridgman|

Health Officials in the Upper Peninsula are asking people to take extra precautions if they’re traveling up north. Small, rural communities said they don’t have room to address an outbreak.

The UP is not seeing as many cases of coronavirus as southern Michigan, and health officials are asking people who may be headed up north to help keep it that way. 

Officials are asking if people choose to travel north, they self-isolate for fourteen days before going to any local grocery stores.

Lana Steinhaus is with the Chippewa County Health Department.  She said in the eastern U.P. only War Memorial Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie is equipped to handle extreme cases.


“I can tell you they are the only ICU hospital in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. So when you put that into perspective, we don’t have the same capabilities as some of the bigger cities do.”

Steinhaus said the hospital has only six beds in its I-C-U. She said they want to do everything they can to keep that space open for critical patients.