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Alzheimer's Association offers support for caregivers

Michael Havens|

Officials said public health strategies aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus aren’t realistic for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Now caregivers are struggling to find new ways to fill their patient’s days.


Caregivers maintain daily routines to help dementia and Alzheimer patients. But officials said coronavirus has made keeping those routines impossible and caregivers need to look into activities they can do at home or online to fill their patient’s days.


Northern Michigan Alzheimer's Association Regional Director, Melissa Findley Thomson, said with the added stress of creating new routines, caregivers need to also take extra care of themselves.


“No one should face this alone. Caregiver health is essential, so if you’re caring for someone with Alzheimers it can be overwhelming and we have resources to help that.”


Thomson said the association is hosting dial-in support groups so caregivers can talk with other people in their situation.

You can find a list of activity ideas here.