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Michigan to receive settlement for suboxone

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The state will receive more than 2 million dollars from the manufacturer of suboxone.

The settlement states they misled doctors and patients while marketing the drug.

Suboxone is a medication that curbs opioid cravings and withdrawals.

The settlement says the drug’s manufacturer exaggerated its effectiveness and downplayed its risks.

Kelly Rossman-McKinney is a spokesperson for the State Attorney General.

She says suboxone is a good tool to fight drug addiction… but patients need wraparound care too… like behavioral health treatment.

“Anyone who knows anything about drug withdrawal and addiction treatment knows that that is not something that you can just take a pill for. But in fact you need a lot of additional support.”

Michigan is one of 32 states that will get money from the suit.

They’ll spend the 2 point 6 million dollars to reimburse the states Medicaid program.