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Flint approves lease for company that turns air into water

Zero Mass Water
Hydropanels Installed in Flint

On Monday, June 10th, the City of Flint approved a lease for a new water bottling company. Officials said the technology creates drinkable water from moisture in the air.


The company installs what it calls hydropanels and uses solar energy to extract moisture from the air. The machine raise the temperature inside the panel to create condensation.


Officials said a single hydropanel creates around 5 liters of water each day.


Zero Mass Water director, Colin Goddard said their lease will let them to install 300-1,000 panels in Flint.


“The project that we engaged with the city around is putting a large amount of hydropanels at the water plant site to generate a large amount of water and have it packaged and distributed by a local Flint business around the region. And through utilizing that kind of model we would be able to redirect funds back into the community.”


Goddard said the hydropanels could be “very powerful and transformative for a number of different aspects for the city.”


He said along with clean water, the project will bring in new business and jobs for Flint residents.