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Harbor Springs’ public water system receives 50 Year Award from CDC

The public water system in Harbor Springs has been presented an award for 50 years of fluoridating water.

Harbor Springs is one of four public water systems to receive the 50 Year Award from theAssociation of State and Territorial Dental Directors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The award is presented to water systems that have maintained and adjusted the drinking water to have optimal level of fluoride.


Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and cavities for adults and children.


Lynn Sutfin, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Services, said the biggest benefit is that fluoridation in drinking water saves money on dental costs.


“Fluoridated water help keeps teeth strong and reduces cavities by about 25 percent in children and adults, spokesperson Lynn Sutfin said. “It is estimated that for every dollar invested in fluoridation, it probably saves about 38 dollars in costs for dental treatment.”


The Center of Disease Control and Prevention recommends that drinking water is fluoridated.


“Community water fluoridation has been recognized by the CDC as one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century,” Sutfin said.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 211 million people, nationally have access to fluoridated drinking water.

Tess DeGayner is a student reporter for WCMU News. She is a senior at Central Michigan University studying Journalism and Broadcasting. Her hometown is Fenton, Michigan.