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New law allows patients opioid free treatment


Michigan recently introduced a non opioid directive as part of a new law. Officials said this is one of the many efforts to combat the opioid epidemic in Michigan.



The new law allows Michigan residents the option for opioid free treatment. Patients who fill out the non opioid directive will have the form added to their medical records and will receive non opioid pain management in case of injury.

Officials said this is a supportive tool for patients who may be in danger of misusing opioids or who have a history of addiction.


Bob Wheaton is with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


“The opioid epidemic is a national problem, including in Michigan. In Michigan we have seen the number of annual opioid related overdose deaths nearly triple since 2011 from 620 in a year to 2,063 in a year.”


Wheaton said the directive is part of a multi-faceted plan to provide prevention, intervention, and treatment options for opioid addiction.


“There is a whole variety of things we are doing, it goes all the way from encouraging doctors to carefully consider whether to provide opioids, whether it is necessary, whether this is some sort of alternative pain treatment that can be prescribe.”


Patients interested in filling out the non opioid directive can found here under "Additional Resources."