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ACLU reaches agreement with Meijer on policy for pharmacists

Flickr User Dan Keck

The agreement comes after a Meijer pharmacist refused to fill Rachel Peterson's prescription for religious reasons.

The prescription was medically necessary to treat her miscarriage.

Peterson says she's pleased by Meijer's new policy.

"My whole goal in this was to make sure no one had to endure the humiliation and horror I went through last year. And with this new policy it sets a precedent and puts other pharmacies on notice because everyone has the right to their medication and to receive it free from judgment."

The A-C-L-U says under the new policy, if a Meijer pharmacist has religious objections to filling a prescription, another Meijer pharmacist must fill it -- and the customer won't have to go to another location.

Meijer did not reply to a request for comment.