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Christmas tree sales are starting strong this year

Flickr User Patrick Beeson

Many of us are still recovering from our Thanksgiving feast, but that’s not stopping Michiganders from heading out to get their Christmas trees.

Growers said sales of live tree this year are off to a great start. The mild weekend weather, they said, likely contributed to the high number of people visiting farms and tree lots.

Amy Start is the Executive Director for the Michigan Christmas Tree Association.

“A lot of people don’t realize this but you know in Michigan we grow more different types of tree species than any other state, so lots of different choices.”

Start said live tree sales are up compared with last year.

She said buyers may be switching over from artificial trees in order to to be more environmentally conscious

Amazon is also joining the tree market, but Smart said local growers aren’t worried, because a number of Michigan farms are supplying the company’s trees.