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Wolf dies during relocation process for Isle Royale

Derek Bakken

The National Park Service has confirmed that one wolf died in captivity during efforts to relocate it to Isle Royale National park.

Wolves are being transported to the Island as part of a National Park Service relocation plan to revitalize wolf populations on the island.

But officials said a female wolf captured last week died in captivity after being sedated and transported to a holding facility.

In a press release, the Parks Service reported that the wolf “succumbed” and has since had its body sent to a diagnostics lab for evaluation.

A spokesperson for the Parks service said any operation involving wildlife carries “a certain amount of risk.”

Since the wolf’s death officials say they have changed the mix of sedatives they use and adjusted the length of time a wolf is kept in the field before being transported to the holding facility.

You can read the full press releasehere.