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Poll finds strong support across Great Lakes states for Asian Carp control measures

Kate Gardiner

A public opinion poll of Great Lakes residents found overwhelming support for use of immediate protections to block the spread of Asian carp.

The poll, commissioned by the state, surveyed residents of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The poll concerned Asian Carp, an invasive species found in portions of the Illinois River, not far from Lake Michigan.

Tanya Baker is with the office of Governor Rick Snyder. She said the poll supports the Governor’s push for action.

“It’s just a confirmation really that the Governor, Governor Snyder has been urging action for some time now and the poll simply affirms the need for that immediate action.”

Baker said 7 in 10 of those polled were in support of fair share funding measures across the states for stopping the invasive fish.

“Support rises to 8 in 10 respondents more likely to support the proposal when told that Michigan would pay the share of any state that can’t payitss own portion.”

Baker said proposed solutions from the Army Corps of Engineers include increased funding and protections at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam, upriver from Lake Michigan.

The findings were based on 3-thousand survey respondents.

The findings were based on 3-thousand survey respondents.