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Report finds health premiums will rise significantly under GOP tax bill

Hazma Butt

Congressional Democrats spoke Tuesday on a new report predicting the GOP tax bill will increase health premiums across the state and country.

The report, from the Center for American Progress, showed that premiums in Michigan will increase by an average of 15-hundred dollars per person.

US Congressman Dan Kildee says that far exceeds the average tax cuts that Michiganders saw from the bill.

“If you’re a working-class family the tax cut is only about 701 dollars. So that tax cut pales in comparison to the Republican health care increases.”

The top one percent of Michiganders are expected to see a tax cut of nearly 58-thousand dollars starting in 2019.

The report predicted the premium increase based on the rollback of the individual mandate, part of the Affordable Care Act which encourages healthier individuals to buy insurance.

“The families I represent in Flint and Bay City and Saginaw will have less money in their pockets to keep a roof over their heads, to pay for groceries, to pay for retirement. My constituents are concerned for Republican policies because they have not made their lives better.”

Republicans in support of the GOP tax bill have not responded to our request for comment.

State Insurance Companies could not confirm any of the predicted rate increases.