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Public opinion sought on mobility solutions for transportation

Flickr User Steve Jurvetson

The state is offering eight million dollars for innovative projects to improve transportation in Michigan.

Michigan is among the first states to allow driverless cars on the roads. Now the state is seeking new ideas on how we can best adapt to automated vehicles.

Jeff Cranson is the Director of Communications for the Department of Transportation.

“A little bit of seed money incentivises that innovation, and it’s with a major focus on mobility for all, meaning people with disabilities or elderly people, veterans, who maybe don’t have the same mobility options that you and I do.”

Cranson said after all the comments have been received, options will be weighed and multiple winners can be selected.

Cranson said Michigan is unique in using the public to generate new ideas for state developments. He called it an innovative way to promote innovative solutions.

Public input for the Mobility Challenge ends at 5pm on July 16. More information can be found at MDOT's website.