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Legislature asked to adopt marijuana initiative

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A group opposed to legalizing marijuana in Michigan is now asking the Legislature to adopt an initiative to do just that.

Here’s why opponents actually want lawmakers to approve the measure: If they do that,changes can be made to the law with simple majorities. But, if voters adopt it, amendments will require super-majorities.

Mark Fisk with the opposition campaign says changes are needed.

“What we want to be sure of is if we’re moving in the direction of recreational marijuana that it follows the same rules as medical marijuana.”

Fisk says if the Legislature does not approve the question, his group will likely oppose it come November.

Josh Hovey of the legalize campaign agrees the Legislature should adopt the initiative.

“There’s no need to wait for good public policy. I think this is something they should do right now.”

But Hovey says the initiative does not need to be amended. 

Rick Pluta is the Capitol Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He is heard daily on WCMU's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.