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Grants awarded to combat hemlock woolly adelgid

Flickr user Kathie Hodge
Infected hemlcok branch

Hemlock trees in Michigan’s forests and landscapes are under attack by an invasive species called hemlock woolly adelgid.

Now, $850,000 has been awarded to survey, map, and treat infected trees along the Lake Michigan coast.

Environmental experts said mild winters in recent years have contributed to the spread of hemlock woolly adelgid which can kill a hemlock tree in as little as four years.

Joanne Foreman is the invasive species communications coordinator for the state of Michigan. She said the grant will fund treatment in the four counties where the adelgid has been documented.

“We really feel like we need a larger intensive effort in order to figure out exactly what the range of that invader is and whether we are finding all of the infestations or if there are more”.

Forman sais survey efforts will span five Lake Michigan counties, including Grand Traverse, Charlevoix and Emmet, to search for evidence that the pest is spreading.

“I would encourage anyone who has hemlock on their property or recreates in areas where there are hemlock if you happen to see or think that you see hemlock woolly adelgid in an area that you are please don’t hesitate to contact us”.

Foreman said work on the project is expected to begin in the spring.


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