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Senator Stabenow introduces legislation to improve veteran health care

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Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow introduced legislation Thursday in Congress to improve veteran health care.


The Veterans Deserve Better Act will improve scheduling for appointments, hold third party contractors accountable and provide payment for local doctors and hospitals.



Stabenow, Democrat, said the act is in response to the Veterans Choice Program, which began in 2014.


“It is not worked in fact, and Michigan has gotten much worse before. There was a company, two different companies put in charge of managing this new system as contractors.”


The current program allows veterans who live far away from VA hospitals to go to local doctors. Stabenow said many hospitals that treated veterans have not received payment.


“Something was tried to fix a problem it’s made things worse in Michigan. We need accountability and to make sure that our veterans aren't frankly, at the back of any line, but certainly not the line to see a doctor,” said Stabenow.  


She said she hopes the new “Deserve Better” act will be in place by next year.