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Senator Stabenow speaks out on Republican health care proposal

Debbie Stabenow


U.S. Representative Debbie Stabenow is speaking out on the health care proposal released on Thursday by Senate Republicans.


Stabenow, a Democrat from Clare, said the health bill will hurt Michigan families by raising insurance costs and eliminating cost-sharing subsidies for low-income households.


“I’m hopeful we will have three republican colleagues join with all 48 democrats to say no to this approach, and it will go back to the drawing board and focus on ways to fix the Affordable Care Act, bring down costs and tackle prescription drug costs, that’s what we need to be doing, that’s what I hear about everyday in Michigan.”


The Senate bill proposes deep cuts to Medicaid spending, and allows insurance companies to charge older people five times more than younger people.


“Bottom line, this is bad for Michigan families, it’s going to raise costs for everybody, it’s going to raise costs for taxpayers.”

Stabenow said she’s hopeful the bill will not pass the Senate, and that congress can work together to fix the Affordable Care Act.


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