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New Report finds GOP heath care bill could end Healthy Michigan

Kevin Simmons

Healthcare coverage for 660-thousand Michiganders would effectively end under the new GOP health care bill, according to a new report.

The report, from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says the GOP health care bill would require Michigan to pick up 582 million dollars in health care costs.

Michigan policy groups say that would effectively end health insurance for many Michiganders.

Gilda Jacobs is with the Michigan League for Public Policy. She said the bill has  implications beyond  health care.

“There’s a whole economic impact for what this means for us as a state. We need to have healthy communities, we need to have people who are healthy to go to work, who if they do get sick at work can go get medical treatment so they can come back to work.”

Jacobs said the report reaffirms what the league has been saying since the bill passed the house.

“It is more than our state spends annually on ten different state departments combined. This is really a bad bill. This will be disastrous for the state and we’re going to wipe away the historic gains in health coverage and access that we achieved when we had medicaid expansion.”

The GOP American Health Care Act was voted through the U.S. House in May.