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CMU presents a series of diversity discussions

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Central Michigan University is hosting a discussion for students to share their experiences as people who identify as transgender and nonbinary.

The event will give students a space to talk about experiences without judgment.

Dr. Jon Humiston is special assistant to the provost and a facilitator of the discussion. Humiston said one of the main points of the event is to spread awareness of transgender and nonbinary students with their peers who are cisgender… that is, they identify as their birth gender.  

“Hopefully it impacts faculty, staff, and administrators in terms of recognizing that not everyone is cis gender and that there are students walking around campus,” Humiston said. “Students as well as faculty and staff, who identify as transgender or nonbinary and have needs that are not being met.”

Humiston said with the help of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning…or CETL, the event will provide a space for students to share their experiences.

“So, the events through CETL are important for faculty staff and the CMU community to truly understand some voices that traditionally aren’t heard in the classroom.”

Humiston said the event will hopefully shine light on issues transgender and nonbinary students experience that the cisgender community may not realize. Cisgender is people who identify as their birth genders.

The event is scheduled to be at the Park Library on the campus of CMU.