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CMU prepares political and social forums

Flickr User Susan Ruggles

CMU has been working on a series of forums for the spring in an effort to make students more politically and socially aware. One of the discussions will focus on midterm elections.


Speak Up, Speak Out began at CMU about 17 years ago. Discussions generally involve current political and social issues on both a national and local level.

This spring, discussions are being planned on fake news and media literacy, CMU’s campus and community, and midterm elections.

Andrew Blom is an associate professor of philosophy at CMU, and the committee chair for Speak Up, Speak Out. He said they try to hold one discussion a year focused solely on CMU.

“Where we’re exploring the idea of what it really means to be a sort of citizen of Central Michigan University, what kinds of rights and responsibilities to we have as members of this community, how do we relate to the governing structures of CMU as we think about how we interact with the administration, as we interact as professors with students.”

Blom said topics are often determined based on national political discussions. He says they’re also affected by social issues around the country and how they pertain to CMU.

More information on the Speak Up, Speak Out series can be found here.