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Flint receives grant to fund after school programs


Three million dollars in grant funding is going to Flint schools to fund the YouthQuest after school program.


The grant comes from the CS Mott Foundation. The organization has provided funds for afterschool programs in Flint for over a decade.

Since 2001, the Mott Foundation has provided nearly 40 million dollars in support of afterschool programs.  

Jennifer Liversedge is assistant to the chairman and CEO, and program officer of the Mott Foundation. She said YouthQuest is a comprehensive program.

“It provides important academic support, tutoring and help with hands on science experiments and some of those kinds of things, and then it also offers enrichment activities which is all the more important now that schools struggle to provide music and arts and those kind of programmings during the school day.”

Liversedge said the overall goal of YouthQuest is to give students more opportunities to be successful overall.

“It also offers opportunities for students to volunteer in the community and to participate in youth advisory councils which in both cases gives them a voice and helps them to learn their community better, and of course recreation type activities as well as field trips so aimed at helping the whole child be successful.”