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Despite layoffs, a number of Michigan companies are still seeking workers

Flickr User Jeanne Manjoulet

As companies close their doors limiting the spread of coronavirus, new doors appear to be opening for laid-off workers.




Pure Michigan Talent Connect provides job seekers and employers with an online portal to post, search and connect.

Social distancing orders have led to the closure of non-essential businesses. Still, there is a functioning state economy with more than 2,000 Michigan companies hiring to meet consumer demand. Fields where jobs are available include logistics, health care, manufacturing and agribusiness.

“We are seeing a significant increase in a number of employers that are posting jobs that immediately, today, need to fill fulltime jobs in those critical areas that continue to expand.”

Stephanie Beckhorn is Director of Employment and Training for the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

“Every hour we’re positing new jobs. And individuals can go on there and they can search by their zip code, by where they live to show the jobs that are close to them. It really allows them then the opportunity to apply now. You get specifics on the job and then you’re told how to apply.”

Jobs are posted at It’s also encouraging businesses to post all available positions on the website.