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Michigan officials warn of tax and healthcare scams during coronavirus outbreak


While people are dealing with a pandemic, state officials are now warning residents to be wary of scams as well.

Both the state Treasury and Attorney General’s Office released guidance this week warning residents to be wary of scammers during the outbreak.

Ron Leix with Treasury said his office is warning both taxpayers and tax preparers to be wary of scammers trying to get personal information.

“With many taxpayers receiving federal stimulus checks directly into their banking accounts scammers are boosting their phishing attempts and phone scams to obtain personal information.”

Leix said his office hasn’t seen any scams as yet but they are trying to be proactive. He said disasters usually see an uptick in scams.

“It’s an unprecedented time. Be vigilant. Keep an extra sharp eye out on email and if it’s not right report it to the IRS at phishing dot IRS dot gov.”

The Attorney General’s office issued guidance noting that residents should be wary of anyone trying to get their Medicaid or Medicare information.

Ryan Jarvi is a Spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office. He said two state health departments have received calls indicating an uptick in scams.

“People are calling residents saying they have Covid-19 at home tests asking people to give them Medicare or Medicaid information. ”

Jarvi said  he wants people to be aware of the scam. And, he said, residents should not give out private information to unsolicited callers.