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Finding a Karma Kat's forever home

Finding a forever home is the goal for any pet rescue. Lately it can be hard to tell a rescue from a business, say a cafe. For seven months Karma Kat Cafe in Mount Pleasant has been hosting events and re-homing cats.

Cafe representatives said the cat lounge has found homes for 76 cats since it opened, through cat-friendly yoga and painting events.

Cafe owner Mistie Beckwith said she hosts the local events to raise money for her fur friends.

“So, by having yoga with cats, painting with cats, and different events like that,” she said. “We charge a small fee and that goes directly towards supporting the cats. Between health care, all the supplies you need, to cleaning products, staffing, that kind of thing.”

Beckwith said it’s bittersweet when cats are adopted.

“I’ve cried over some, even though I know they’re going to a good home. Which sounds ridiculous, but you do get attached,” she said. “I’m with them. I am here 7-days a week, and I’m here hours a day, and that’s what is cool about the communal system, is we get to know them intimately.”

Beckwith says they do their best to match owners and cats.