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MPSC works to lower rates from in-state and out-of- state utilities


Michigan utilities submitted proposals last week on how to ensure that savings from the federal corporate tax cut will translate into benefits for ratepayers.

The Michigan Public Service Commision says it is in the process of reviewing proposals from the state’s 13 public utilities and will allow for public comment until February 2nd.

Nick Assendelft is with the MPSC. He said the MPSC still has to vet the utility’s proposals.

“DTE’s estimate was somewhere in the ballpark of 3% that ratepayers will see. But the commission is taking a look at all of the proposals that are out there and we’ll vet those and see what would be the best way in terms of returning some of those benefits to ratepayers.”

Assendelft said there is not a clear timeline on when proposals will be approved.

“We don’t have a timeline on that yet it’s going to take a while to get through all 13 of them and see exactly, crunch some numbers and have the staff take a look at those, and figure out what the best road forward is.”

Assendelft said the MPSC also requested the federal government direct interstate natural gas operators to adjust their rates to reflect tax savings as well.

“Not only is the commission looking at the state level but they are also working with partners on the federal level to make sure all aspects of rate relief might trickle back down to ratepayers.”

He said regional transmission organizations joined the MPSC in filing the request.

You can find a list of proposals from in-state utilities here: