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2017 holiday donations expected to rise this year

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This year it’s predicted people will open up their wallets and be slightly more generous this holiday season compared to last.  Giving Tuesday is said to be one of the reasons.

Matthew Downey is the Director of Nonprofit Services at the Johnson Center of Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University. He said it’s a part of human nature to be generous and perform acts of kindness.

“We know this from brain research. Every time somebody does an act of kindness or generosity they get an injection of dopamine in their brain which is the neurotransmitter that keeps gamblers gambling, and drug addicts doing drugs. Well, it also keeps human beings doing generous things for one another”.

Downey said many people donate to charities regardless of their economic standing.

“We know that donors particularly those at the lowest income levels give the largest share of their wealth to the nonprofit sector. Donors anywhere from zero to twenty-five thousand dollars in income give upwards of 10 percent and I’ve seen even 13 percent”.

Downey said he predicts donations will rise this holiday season compared to last year.