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City of Midland to reveal new 20 year transportation plan




 Officials in Midland County say this fall they plan to unveil a new 20 year transportation plan. In the meantime, they’re inviting residents to share their thoughts.

Bryan Gillett is the transportation planner for the Midland Area Transportation Study. He said public opinion plays a big role in the decision making.

“It looked there was a great interest in non motorized transportation and the overall conditions of the roads.”

Gillett said the plan is intended to help reduced congestion and improve road conditions.

“There are projects in there that deal with the issues around the intersection of Eastman Ave. and US 10. Around the Midland Mall area, and replace some features that will add to walkability to better connect the downtown area to the neighborhood around there.”       

Projects in the plan, include new bike trails and passenger trolley service. Officials said the challenge now will be finding the funding to implement the plan.

The Midland Area Transportation Study has planned an open house for 4pm - 7pm, August 9th, in the Midland City Council Chambers.  The final transportation plans is expected to  be released by the end of September.