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Developing Yourself / Developing Your Family Business

Developing Yourself / Developing Your Family Business

Keynote Presentation Developing Yourself / Developing Your Family Business
featuring Jon Weirauch, Organizational Consultant, Business Coach, Writer, Podcaster

Times are tuff. Sometimes we use our places of work to escape the difficulties of our personal
lives, and other times we need our personal lives to help destress after a long day of work. In Family
Businesses, however, these lines can be blurred. Our personal relationships with our relatives are
undoubtedly impacted by our interactions at work, and vice versa. We need to be intentional about our
familial relationships and the direction of our businesses in order to maintain a shared vision for the next
generation of leaders.
The workplace is our most accessible battleground to help improve the lives of our families,
employees, and the communities we impact. In order to accomplish this, however, we need both our
younger and older generations in lock-step, open and honest, in a culture based on trust.
In our April 18th Steven Center for Family Business seminar, we will:
• Develop the self-awareness needed by our younger generations (as well as our more seasoned
employees) to tackle those much-needed, yet difficult, conversations.
• Review a structured way to view business so as to align all key stakeholders to a long-term
shared vision that will last beyond succession planning.
• Leave you with an action plan to accomplish all of the things learned

SVSU, Curtiss Hall, 2nd Floor, Banquet Rooms A&B
07:30 AM - 09:30 AM on Thu, 18 Apr 2024

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Stevens Center for Family Business

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Jon Weirauch
SVSU, Curtiss Hall, 2nd Floor, Banquet Rooms A&B
7400 Bay
University Center, Michigan 48710