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The Children's Bookshelf: I'll Meet You in Your Dreams

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This is the Children’s Bookshelf and I’m Sue Ann Martin

I’LL MEET YOU IN YOUR DREAMS written in a soothing lyrical style by Jessica Young and illustrated with a soft beauty by Rafael López is a comforting story about how the love between a child and a parent can last forever. The illustrations walk hand in hand with this story as arms cuddle, hands hold, feet play on the beach and eventually children grow up and leave---but the bonding is still there.

In the beginning of the story the baby boy is cradled on a flower as his mother says. “you’ll be my little bumblebee, I’ll feed you sips of nectar tea.”

The entire book sings like an ode to the child, in this case a mother to her son and a father to his daughter, as the years go by and they grow up. The rhythms, tone colors, textures and melodies all whisper that this love is forever. “And where the future gleams… I’ll meet you in your dreams.” The illustration here shows the mother, having passed on, standing amidst a cluster of trees and sending love in the form of redbirds toward her son and now grandson as they begin down the path of this same incredible journey of bonding.    

There are several extended gatefolds throughout the book that will surprise and capture the attention of youngsters.

I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams written by Jessica Young and illustrated by Rafael López   is comforting and perfect for young children 4-7 years of age and all families (Little Brown and Company, 2021).

The Children’s Bookshelf is a production of WCMU. Links to the podcast and the activity questions, ideal for home use, can be found at Children’s bookshelf dot org

Activity Questions for I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams

Play this “seek and find” visual awareness game and locate the following items in these beautiful illustrations: the man in the moon, a charm bracelet, a seagull, a sailboat, the sun, a warrior’s shield, a yellow butterfly, a dog, a seashell and a brown suitcase.

Try this creative movement exercise based on the movements in this book. First go to an open area in your house or in your backyard. Be the thing moving, keep in mind the shape of the thing and then move. Here is the list: a person playing a soothing song on the guitar, a leaf slowly falling from a tree, a bright star twinkling in the sky, a really huge eagle flying, a powerful horse galloping, a lighthouse with its light moving across the water and a little bumble bee going from flower to flower. Now try it again and add sound to each of your creative movements. Let’s hear the guitar playing, the horse galloping and so forth. Have fun!

Older readers take a look at the pictures on the front and back hard covers of this book. You will have to take the paper cover off to see it. What does this heart that is attached to a string mean? How does it relate to the story?