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US Geological Survey begins monitoring Nestle water withdrawals in Osceola County

Federal Geologists are in Osceola County to monitor water levels that could be affected by Nestle’s water withdrawals. A move that environmental groups say should have happened months ago.

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President Trump is considering expanding the latest round of tariffs to virtually all Chinese imports. That's going to be difficult for shoppers to ignore. The retail industry is bracing for impact.

A clear fishing wire is tied around the island of Manhattan. It's attached to posts around the perimeter of the city, from 1st street to 126th. This string is part of an eruv, a Jewish symbolic enclosure. Most people walking on the streets on Manhattan do not notice it at all. But many observant Jews in Manhattan rely on this string in order to leave the house on Sabbath.

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Kip Eideberg of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers about why the U.S. can't simply do business with other countries instead of China, as the president suggested.

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A dog in Michigan is not considered legally dangerous until it bites or attacks someone. That’s the word from the state Court of Appeals.


An Eaton County couple was charged with knowingly owning a dangerous animal after their dog, Roscoe, got through a fence and attacked a lawn care worker employed by a neighbor. The dog was shot to death by a police officer called to the scene, who said he felt threatened.


It’s going to be a quicker trip for many people traveling between southern and northern Michigan. Beginning next week, speed limits parts of I-75, US-127, and US-131 will go from 70 miles an hour to 75.


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