Warm weather is back, but so are mosquitoes

Apr 23, 2018
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There were a lot of people waiting for the warm up we’re seeing right now.  And it wasn’t just people who were waiting… So were mosquitoes. We will soon be slapping at the bugs and, maybe, wishing it was cold again.

The people who work to kill the bugs for municipalities say mosquitoes hibernate and breed in water environments all winter.

They say, long winters don’t hurt mosquitoes and the late spring simply delayed their arrival.

A taste of the Philippines in Traverse City

Apr 20, 2018
Xavier Mendoza

As a native Filipino, I was delighted to experience the cuisine my family used to cook.


PBS to air documentary on labor rights leader

Mar 27, 2018
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A documentary on Delores Huerta, an activist known for her focus on racial and labor issues, premieres Tuesday evening on PBS stations nationwide.


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A bill introduced in Lansing would give parents the option to place interlock ignition breathalyzers in the family car without the device reporting violations to state officials .

An interlock device prevents a car from starting if the driver blows above the legal limit.

Republican Senator Rick Jones, who sponsored the bill, said state law currently requires that the device also notify the Secretary of State. His proposal would remove that requirement… he said helping parents keep their college aged children safe.

Possible Record Temperatures This Week

Feb 27, 2018
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Meteorologists said this week will be an unusually warm week for February in Mid-Michigan. Tuesday, Flint and Saginaw may reach record-high temperatures.

Data lists the record high temperature for February 27th in Saginaw at 59 degrees, set in 1932. The high on Tuesday is forecast between 56 and 59 degrees.

Flint’s record high was set in 1932 at 58 degrees. The city is forecast to reach a high between 55 and 59 degrees on Tuesday.