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Michigan falls short in providing a safety net for unemployed workers, according to a new report.

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Michigan’s unemployment in May hit its lowest rate since 2000.

It was the state’s lowest unemployment rate in 17 years, largely driven by 21-thousand people who left the workforce in May.

Anna Heaton is the press secretary for the Governor’s office. She said since 2010 there has been a slow but steady upswing in Michigan’s labor market.

“The job gains since December 2010 were primarily in manufacturing with 128 hundred thousand jobs and then we had job gains also in scientific and technical services and healthcare.”

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A new survey of transgender persons in America is being called one of the biggest ever on the topic.

The survey includes a focus on Michigan, where it found the transgender population suffers from high levels of  poverty, unemployment, and psychological stress.

Of the 28 thousand  transgender persons surveyed 900 were Michigan residents.

In Michigan about one third of of transgender persons reported living in poverty, and 43 percent said they felt psychological distress.