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Legislators say finding a long-term solution to DACA will be a priority for 2018.

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President Trump signed an act into law Thursday which will allow fire departments to use federal money to hire full-time staff.

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Governor Rick Snyder says he hopes Congress moves quickly to restore health insurance subsidies that were eliminated last week by President Trump.

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The state Legislature was back in session for its first day of voting Wednesday.

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Advocacy groups say the Trump Administration’s announcement that it will end the DACA program puts thousands of Michigan residents in limbo.

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Michigan agricultural associations say ending free trade with South Korea could have a devastating impact on the state’s agricultural economy.

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The Trump administration will lift a ban on the military giving some surplus equipment to police departments, and some members of Michigan law enforcement are welcoming the change.


According to the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, the equipment is mostly clothes and items they would buy anyway. Except now, they don’t have to use money from a budget that isn’t always generous.


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Michigan's two Democratic United States senators have given their OK for the nomination of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen to a federal appeals court to go forward.

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Uncertainty in Washington about the future of the Affordable Care Act is leaving many Michigan consumers in the dark on how much they will paying for health coverage next year.

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People in four Michigan counties can now ask the federal government for disaster assistance. That’s after severe storms caused flood damage to Mid-Michigan in June.