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Bill Beekman announced as MSU's permanent athletic director

Jul 16, 2018
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Bill Beekman will be MSU's permanent athletic director.

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The state Attorney General wants a judge to review every document Michigan State University says is protected by attorney-client privilege. This is part of an ongoing investigation by a special prosecutor into the university.

Branislav Ondrasik

Eight deans at Michigan State Univeristy went public Wednesday with suggestions on how the campus can move forward without forgetting the crisis caused by former physician Larry Nassar.

Branislav Ondrasik

Some buildings on Michigan State’s campus may be hotter than usual this week, due to a mechanical failure at the T.B. Simon Power Plant.

MSU President to be announced in June, 2019

Jun 27, 2018
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A new Michigan State University president will be announced in June 2019, according to the Board of Trustees.