Great Lakes

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Members of a state board in charge of the safety of pipelines say they’re not alarmed by a recent coolant spill into the Straits of Mackinac. 

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US Congressman from Michigan introduced an amendment Tuesday calling for the protection of Lake Huron from a Canadian nuclear waste storage facility.

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U.S and Canadian officials will meet next week in Toronto to talk about the Great Lakes. It’s the 63rd year of the international effort by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

Climate change threatens maple trees, and maple syrup

Mar 26, 2018
Angelica A. Morrison

Scientists say climate change affects everything from weather patterns to animal migrations. And now, a popular breakfast condiment could be at risk as well – maple syrup. That’s bad news for the Great Lakes region, which produces a lot of it.

Congress saves Great Lakes funding

Mar 22, 2018

Federal funding for the Great Lakes has survived again thanks to Congress.  This is the second time the Trump Administration proposed a big cut to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Congress restored it in full – $300 million a year.