Great Lakes

Coalition hopes Congress will save Great Lakes funding

Feb 15, 2018
Elizabeth Miller / Ideastream

Healing Our Waters, a coalition of environmental groups involved in protecting the Great Lakes, says President Trump’s 2019 budget and infrastructure plan are both “dead on arrival”.


A group of Michigan businesses released a letter Monday calling on Governor Snyder to veto a package of bills that would set up an industry-led panel to review and approve DEQ regulations.

Trump again seeks to slash Great Lakes funding

Feb 12, 2018

Released Monday, the budget outline reduces Great Lakes funding by 90 percent -- to just $30 million.  The money is used for projects like cleaning up pollution, protecting wildlife and rebuilding wetlands.

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Insecticides are being found in rivers across the Great Lakes region, and researchers say contaminants have even made it to the Great Lakes.

Waterways Conference Evaluates Great Lakes Development, Success.

Coast Guard battles heavy ice on Great Lakes

Jan 30, 2018
U.S. Coast Guard District 9

The U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards have assisted over 300 ships this winter, one of the most demanding years for icebreaking. 

New Navy ship, USS Little Rock, stalled by ice

Jan 23, 2018
Angelica A. Morrison

Icy conditions have delayed departure plans for the USS Little Rock, which was commissioned in Buffalo in December. The ship headed across the eastern-most Great Lakes, and began a journey to a Navy base near Jacksonville, Fla.


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Hemlock trees in Michigan’s forests and landscapes are under attack by an invasive species called hemlock woolly adelgid.

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The recent cold snap has left Great Lakes freighters struggling through ice covered lakes trying to make their final loads before the shipping season ends early next week.

New Navy ship, USS Little Rock, delayed by repairs and ice

Jan 9, 2018
Marian Hetherly / WBFO News

Recent icy conditions were the cause of concern for fans of the USS Little Rock. The Navy ship was commissioned in Buffalo last month, but has not made it out to sea.