PFAS Detected in Gaylord's Water

Oct 9, 2018
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PFAS chemicals have been found in Gaylord’s municipal drinking water.

PFAS compounds are often found in fire fighting foam, they were detected at one testing site in Gaylord’s municipal water.

High exposure to PFAS has been linked to health problems like cancer.

But the amount of chemicals found at one site in Gaylord is only a fraction of what is considered unsafe by the EPA.

The EPA says anything under 70 parts per trillion is safe, 2 parts per trillion were detected in Gaylord.

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Over half a million deer hunters look forward to opening day of firearm season in Michigan. Small business owners look forward to the season too, and to the financial uptick that follows the hunters that travel to the area.

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A fitness camp that recently opened in Gaylord aims to raise veteran suicide awareness.

Joe Wambold

Riding a bicycle across the country - four thousand miles - is the goal for one 63 year old Michigan man who plans to leave this weekend.  

“My name is Joe Wambold I live in Gaylord Michigan I grew up in Traverse City and life's been good. It really has. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity and the resources to go out on the road and Sweet Janine, my wife, says go ahead Joe, I think I can be without you for four months here sewing”.