Central Michigan University

A first of its kind program for Michigan’s public universities, if offering online courses with discounted tuition for municipal workers.

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Some of Michigan’s most influential business and education groups say they plan to work together to improve the state’s education system.

The coalition officially unveiled “Launch Michigan” in Lansing Wednesday.

Doug Rothwell is the president of Business Leaders of Michigan. He calls this a transformational moment:

Michigan residents support boost in education funding

May 1, 2018
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A recent survey shows that Michigan residents overwhelmingly support a significant boost in state funding for higher education.

Women in STEM battle gender bias

Apr 25, 2018
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The STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math – have traditionally been dominated by men. And that can make it tough for women to break in – or gain respect. The Me Too movement is highlighting those issues. And some female professionals in the Great Lakes Region have their own stories about the culture of gender bias.

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There could be a conflict between the new federal tax law and the Michigan Constitution.