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Republican state lawmakers want to prevent school districts from using deed restrictions on old school buildings.

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CMU has been working on a series of forums for the spring in an effort to make students more politically and socially aware. One of the discussions will focus on midterm elections.

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Ferris State University has launched its largest ever fundraising campaign. The campaign aims to invest in infrastructure and will proved millions of dollars in new scholarships for students.

Legislation introduced in Lansing would improve early childhood education, particularly in language development, for children with hearing impairments.

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Some state lawmakers want more skilled trade and technical education in Michigan schools.

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A state lawmaker wants to require driver education in Michigan to include training on how to behave during police stops.

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A package of bills would provide Michigan students with more work opportunities out of high school.

The bills would encourage schools to teach students about occupations that don’t require a college degree… occupations like plumbers and electricians.

The goal is to expose children to jobs they may not have even been aware of, and remind them that college isn’t the only path after high school.

Republican State Representative Daire Rendon is behind the legislation.

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Accidents involving teenage drivers are on the rise. State transportation officials say from 2015 to 2016 crashes involving teen drivers rose six percent. Now the state is working directly with young people to find new ways to educate them on ways to be safer behind the wheel.

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Michigan needs to create more opportunities for kids of color. That’s according to advocates after a new report was released Tuesday. The report shows that African-American kids in Michigan fare worse in areas like education than in any other state.

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Nationwide roughly half of the current workforce is expected to retire within the next fifteen years, according to a new report by the Children’s Hospital Association.