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Live red swamp crayfish are illegal in Michigan and Canada. That’s why when a truck driver tried to cross into Canada from the mitten with an abundance of the aquatic invader, the Department of Natural Resources stepped in.

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The state will present recommendations June 14 for reducing the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Michigan.

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Michigan is looking for people to offer up their land in the name of restoration. The DNR is asking people with environmentally sensitive land to consider giving it to the state for habitat restoration.

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Michigan residents have until Friday to offer up comments to the state about Chronic Wasting disease. The disease is fatal to deer and could decimate the state’s white tail population if it continues to spread.

State officials say some 600 people have attended a series of public meetings so far this year to receive information from the state and to share their thoughts about CWD.

The final three meetings are planned this week.

Michigan DNR warns campers of firewood

Apr 6, 2018
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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is encouraging campers to be mindful of where their firewood comes from. The state says moving firewood across long distances can spread invasive species and tree diseases. Ron Olson is with the DNR’s Parks and Recreation department. He says state campsites have firewood available to buy.


“We’ll have a lot more availability of kiln dried wood which means that it has been heated to a point where any invasive bug or larva or anything like that have been destroyed.”