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3D print almost anything

Aug 1, 2018
Xavier Mendoza | WCMU

3D printers have been very much in the news lately. A blueprint for a 3D-printed gun was released to the public this week. A federal judge in Washington state quickly blocked downloads of the plans.

Still many people have safety concerns about printed guns and many others are curious if they would work.

Scott Kinsley is assistant manager of IT for the College of Arts and Media at Central Michigan University. He said tests by others have most often resulted in failure due to weak plastic.



Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University’s Board of Trustees met Thursday to approve an operating budget for the coming year.

Central Michigan University

The campus of Central Michigan University hosted a public health summit Friday to discuss how the community can develop trauma-informed practices.


Central Michigan University broke ground Thursday on a 26 million dollar health studies building.

Woolnough Lab - Central Michigan University

Rivers, streams, and lakes around the Great Lakes are full of mussels filtering our water to make it clean. But researchers say native mussel populations are in decline, largely driven by invasive zebra mussels.

New research out of Central Michigan University aims to reverse this trend.