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Mona Sirbescu

A Central Michigan University professor helped identify a 22-pound meteorite found by a Grand Rapids man.

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Central Michigan University is hosting a discussion for students to share their experiences as people who identify as transgender and nonbinary.

The event will give students a space to talk about experiences without judgment.

Dr. Jon Humiston is special assistant to the provost and a facilitator of the discussion. Humiston said one of the main points of the event is to spread awareness of transgender and nonbinary students with their peers who are cisgender… that is, they identify as their birth gender.  

Marching Chips to perform at Ford Field

Sep 7, 2018
Xavier Mendoza | WCMU

The Marching Chips from Central Michigan University are Detroit-bound.

CMU’s marching band will perform for the NFL Monday for the first time in more than 30 years.

The Marching Chips will play at halftime when the Lions take on the New York Jets .

Ruhl Cook is a squad leader for the band’s trumpet section. He said this experience will be a good way to start his senior year at CMU.


Quality food on wheels

Aug 28, 2018
Xavier Mendoza | WCMU


The sound of conversation, utensils clanking, flat tops cooking and generators running, is the sound of a busy food truck. According to mobile-cuisine.com, the first food truck roamed the streets of East Los Angeles in 1974. This year, food trucks are estimated to be a $2.7 billion industry.


Steve Jessmore

Central Michigan University today named its 15th University president at a press conference in the Charles V. Park University Library.