Bay County

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In Bay County Monday, a township board voted in favor of a moratorium on wind turbine permits and construction.

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Bay County officials say state takeover of the ailing Independence Bridge is unlikely.

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Bay city officials have created three committees to explore options for renovating its aging bridges.

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According to the CDC, Michigan saw a 13-percent increase in opiate related deaths from 2014 to 2015.


Two forums this summer are looking to educate members of the public and health professionals on the issue.  



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The Bay City commission is considering a proposal that would turn it’s two city owned bridges into toll bridges owned by a private company.

City commissioners says the city is not able to afford the six- million dollars needed to repair and maintain the Independence and Liberty bridges.

Without funding, one - or both - of the bridges may have to close.

Andrew Niedzinski is a Bay City Commissioner. He said under the proposal, United Bridge Partners would set the toll at one dollar for city residents.