Bay County

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Bay County officials say state takeover of the ailing Independence Bridge is unlikely.

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Bay city officials have created three committees to explore options for renovating its aging bridges.

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According to the CDC, Michigan saw a 13-percent increase in opiate related deaths from 2014 to 2015.


Two forums this summer are looking to educate members of the public and health professionals on the issue.  



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The Bay City commission is considering a proposal that would turn it’s two city owned bridges into toll bridges owned by a private company.

City commissioners says the city is not able to afford the six- million dollars needed to repair and maintain the Independence and Liberty bridges.

Without funding, one - or both - of the bridges may have to close.

Andrew Niedzinski is a Bay City Commissioner. He said under the proposal, United Bridge Partners would set the toll at one dollar for city residents.

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The second 100 percent renewable factory in the nation controlled by the SC Johnson Company is now located in Bay City.

The factory has been in Bay City for twenty years, and produces plastic ziploc bags.

It is the fourth of SC Johnson’s factories worldwide to achieve one hundred percent renewable energy running the plant.

Kelly Semrau is the Senior Vice President for the SC Johnson Company. She said the Bay City plant is part of a company wide trend.