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Since its launch in 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of stories told live and without notes. Moth shows are renowned for the great range of human experience they showcase. Each show starts with a theme, and the storytellers explore it, often in unexpected ways. Since each story is true and every voice authentic, the shows dance between documentary and theater, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience. Through ongoing programs in more than 25 cities, The Moth has presented over 20,000 stories to standing-room-only crowds worldwide and it currently produces more than 500 live shows each year. Additionally, The Moth runs storytelling workshops for high school students and adults in underserved communities through their Education and Community Programs.

Ways to Connect

Rivalries, Hotlines, and the EPA

Aug 14, 2017
Brian Finkelstein
James Michael Rotz

Brian Finkelstein is working at a suicide hot line when a caller reminds him of himself.
  Peter Story and his wife are broke and in love and strategize on how to win an online wedding contest.
  Diane Kastiel decides to skip a family party rather than be scrutinized.
  Lisa Jackson explains why she decided to become an environmental engineer.

The Moth Fall Fundraising Special 2017

Aug 9, 2017

Jen Lee tries to save souls and sell beauty in Target.

Tim Manley credits his mother and his imagination for keeping his spirits high while hospitalized.

Norah McLoughlin walks the Camino De Santiago.

Jonathan Ames recounts his most epic duel in college.

Beauty Queens, the LBJ Library, and Holdups

Aug 2, 2017
Sarah Bird
Roger Ho

Tricia Coburn attends Miss Macy’s Charm School and eventually lands a modeling gig.

Sara Bird finds solace from heartbreak as a librarian at the LBJ LIbrary. 

John Lincoln is robbed twice while working the front desk of a hotel.

NOTE: When offensive or FCC-prohibited words appear, they are bleeped and listed in the Content Advisory.  Sensitive content will be given an on-air caution and will be noted here in the description.  

Where We Belong

Jul 27, 2017
Vin Shambry
Photo by Christian Leonard

Vin Shambry goes to outdoor school and feels like a kid again.

Lauren Weedman meets her biological mother.

Michelle Oberholtzer sets up a fund to help families fight home foreclosure.

Flora Diaz becomes attached to the subjects of a middle school science project.

Snow White and the Screaming Meemies

Jul 19, 2017
Samuel James
Joseph Michael

Alana Kinarsky after moving to America with her family from Belarus, gets busted by her mother for stealing a Snow White doll from K-Mart.
Maile Meloy is scheduled to go on national TV with Martha Stewart for her first interview ever, after writing her first book.
Samuel James grows up in the foster system and finds an unlikely family.
Cheryl Hamilton encounters a suicidal man and learns that helping strangers is not as simple as wanting to.

Pole Vaulting, Comedy, and the Congo

Jul 12, 2017
Hari Kondabolu
Chris Council and Emily Champlin, Courtesy of the Aspen Institute

Annie Korzen has trouble letting go as her son grows up, gets engaged, and gets married.

Matthew Dicks is more concerned with beating his own high school track teammates than winning the meet.

Richard Matthew must decide whether the risks of working in war torn areas of the world are worth it.

Hari Kondabolu finally confronts a heckler after years of hearing jerks in the front row.

Gestures Great and Small

Jul 11, 2017
Pilar Siman
Photo by Jacquelin Reyna

Tim Lopez steps into the spotlight at a flair-bartending competition.

Pilar Siman takes part in a magical ballet recital.

Tom Nimen lets his mother's middle-eastern cooking shut his bullies up.

Susan Wolman turns to quilting in the aftermath of 9/11.

Jon Cayton shares hsi gratitude for his grandfather on Thanksgiving.

Deedee Lundberg takes the leap of her life on stage at a Moth GrandSLAM.

Doctors, Judgments, Dictators

Jul 5, 2017

Ali Al Abdullatif encounters the kindness of patriots.
Aidan Greene desperately tries to hide his stammer.
Chris Herbert takes a wild career detour in Public Relations
Rachel Ogilvy is forced to make a huge decision in the face of a health scare.

The Big Oops: Blunders Large and Small

Jun 30, 2017
Hasan Minhaj
Photo by Christian Leonard

Jessica Lee Williamson works on a routine for her school talent show.

Hasan Minhaj misses his mom when she moves back to India to attend school.

Holly Rutter does some late night grocery shopping.

Bob Zellner is curious about a movement rising in Montgomery, Alabama in the early 1960's. 

Live from the World Science Festival

Jun 28, 2017
Michael Massimino
Jason Falchook

Mike Massimino must take to swimming before he can take off to outer space.

George Church tests his own strength of will as a human-guinea pig for science.

Sylvia Earle explores the ocean's depths as a pioneering aquanaut.