Study recommends a 118-million dollar overhaul of Midland’s sewer and sanitary system

Sep 14, 2018

A study of sewer and sanitary systems in the city of Midland has found it needs $118-million worth of improvements.

The study was launched in October after widespread summer flooding damaged hundreds of homes in Midland.

Greg Kacvinski is with OHM Advisors, which helped conduct the study. He said some of the city’s stormwater management system needs improvement.

“That has to do with either sewers that are too small to drain those areas quickly or in some cases, like on the North side near the mall, we suspect there could be a blockage in the system.”

Kecvinski said in a lot of cases flooding was caused by overflow of the Tittabawassee river - and there’s not much the city could have done to prepare.

He said Midland faces the same problem most of the country is now dealing with.

“The city of Midland sewer systems, just like any other city in Michigan or anywhere around the country, it’s getting older. You really have to put more attention into systematically replacing and repairing those assets.”

Midland’s Mayor said the city will review the study’s findings and determine which improvements can be made.