Over one million dollars spent on lawmakers by groups in favor of gutting sick time, minimum wage

Dec 6, 2018

Over one million dollars has gone to lawmakers from groups in favor of gutting sick time and minimum wage initiatives in the state legislature.

The analysis was conducted by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. It tracked money spent this year by groups who have been vocally in favor of bills geared towards changing both minimum wage and sick time initiatives.

Craig Mauger is with the Network. He said it’s important to know that this money may have influenced legislators.

“There is a relationship between these groups, these groups who have been heavy campaign donors, to lawmakers who they are now asking to take a very specific action that would have a large impact on their members.”

Those groups include the Michigan Bankers Association and the Michigan Restaurant Association.

Mauger said it has been harder to track support from groups opposed to the legislation.

“From what we can tell far less has been spent in support of current lawmakers by groups on the other side of the issue.”

Looking at three groups who opposed the legislation in committee however, Mauger said the Network has tracked 63-thousand in campaign donations in 2018.

Mauger said financial support largely broke down along party lines. Groups opposed to the legislation mostly donated to democrats. Groups in favor donated mainly to republicans.