Northern Michigan reaches record high temperatures across the board

Jan 11, 2018

A blast of southern air found its way into Michigan causing record breaking temperatures across the mitten.

Meteorologists say every northern Michigan weather transmitter reported new records today. Some of the records that fell went back to 1980.

Kevin Farina is a National Weather Service meteorologist in Gaylord.

“Gaylord the record high was 47 that was set back in 1980. Sault Sainte Marie was 44 also set back in 1980. Houghton Lake broke their record of 50 which was from 2012. Traverse City, 53, 2012 and Alpena was 50 degrees and that was also in 2012”.

Coast Guard officials said high temperatures have caused ice near shorelines to become unstable and urge people to use precaution if going out.