New liquid feed plant begins construction in Saginaw County

Feb 9, 2018

A new liquid feed plant is expected to break ground Monday in Saginaw County.

The plant is a joint venture of the Michigan Sugar Company and Westway Feed, a Texas-based feed manufacturer.

Rob Clark is with Michigan Sugar.

“Michigan Sugar Company and Westway Feed Products have entered into a joint venture to build a one million dollar, 37-hundred square foot liquid feed plant.”

Clark said the plant is expected to employ five workers, with the possibility to expand.

“One of the reasons Westway wanted to locate out here is that in addition to being close to a source of molasses and being close to interstate 75, and the interstate system in Michigan, was that it’s close to the thumb of Michigan and there’s a lot of dairy and beef producers out there.”

Clark described the liquid feed as milkshakes for cows. 

“They are going to tap into our molasses tank, which is on the site there in Carlton Township, and they are going to blend our molasses, Michigan Sugar molasses, into their liquid feed product.”

He said completion of the plant is slated for this fall.