MSU acting to fire Nassar supervisor

Feb 9, 2018

Michigan State University has begun the process to fire the supervisor of former sports doctor Larry Nassar.

MSU’s interim president says the dean of the school of osteopathic medicine didn’t exert appropriate control over Nassar’s conduct.

Nassar is sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing athletes who were his patients.

Interim MSU President John Engler officially asked the school to revoke tenure for William Strampel, who was the dean of the school of osteopathic medicine.  The complaint says Strampel failed to enforce conditions Nassar was supposed to follow when treating patients.

MSU spokesman John Truscott says there will be more people fired.

“As we learn more, as investigations continue, yes, there will likely be more personnel changes.”

Strampel stepped down as dean of the school, but remains on the faculty. His attorney is not commenting.