Mid-Michigan experiencing moderate drought

Jul 9, 2018

Slightly above normal temperatures and little rain over the last month has sent mid-Michigan into the beginning of drought.

Part of the thumb and mid to northeast lower Michigan have been abnormally dry. The area saw some rain towards the end of June, but it may not be enough to carry the crops through July.

Bob Battle is the MSU Field Crops Educator for Huron and Tuscola Counties. He said it's a critical point in the season where water is crucial for certain crops.

“When the crop is in its reproductive stage or when it’s flowered, is when it really needs rain. Soybeans are flowering right now, corn we’ve got another week or so until it begins to flower or starts to send its silk and tassels out.”

Battle said some crops like wheat have already been harvested, and there was some loss with those crops.

He said there is already expected to be yield loss on other crops, but the year won’t be a total loss if it rains this month.